David Antognoli

Game developer and educator


Hey there. I’m a game developer and Assistant Professor of Game Design in Columbia College Chicago’s Interactive Arts and Media Department.

I have professional experience in both programming and game design roles, and have worked on projects with companies like Microsoft, Sega, 2K Games, and Nickelodeon. These days I find creative refuge in independent game development and teaching others how to create cool games.

I also have a fledgling community games / art space called Night City. At this point I’m still redeveloping the space and thinking about how to navigate the ever-evolving COVID realities, but I hope to have some in-person programming before long.

I’m seeking to create and support work that recontextualizes the medium of video games beyond the couch and computer desk. I am excited by game projects that explore the avantgarde, literary, and community potential of the medium, all without losing touch with plain old fun.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Game Design and English, and a Master of Science degree in Immersive Mediated Environments from Indiana University Bloomington.

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