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Anfloga is a game developed in one month, focused on narrative, exploration, and advanced 2D graphics. The game was created as an open-source starter project for the FlatRedBall game engine. The source code is available on GitHub.

For the project, I handled the concept, writing, and level design. I also contributed some light gameplay programming and sound design elements.

The game draws inspiration from Old English poetry, particularly The Seafarer. I tried to evoke a cold atmosphere of isolation and build a narrative with a sense of an elegiac tone. In The Seafarer, anfloga are depicted as greedy and bring about the death of the main character. In this more modern take, Anfloga is the dark, watery planet the player character is conscripted into exploring by a corporation willing to compromise employee safety and the ecosystem of a planet for profit.

A major challenge was scoping for a month-long project and resisting feature creep while still delivering a fun product.

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