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Brain Agents

Brain Agents is a video game in development for web browsers, iOS and Android devices designed to help youths improve their mental and emotional wellbeing by fostering resilience. 

The game combines stealth and platforming gameplay with wellbeing exercises such as cognitive reframing, focused breathing, and coping statements in an immersive sci-fi hero’s journey.

The project is produced by STRYV365, a Milwaukee-based nonprofit that creates customized non-clinical trauma-informed programming.

I am the game director and made the initial prototype. Since then, I have hired students and former students to help with the project. One of the things I’m most proud of is the project’s track record for launching these folks into full time game jobs at famous studios. Alumni on the project have gone on to work at Bungie, Epic, and Akupara games.

We are launching an IRB study at four pilot schools in the Milwaukee area to evaluate the game’s impact on students and will seek to publish the results.

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