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T.P. is a short virtual reality horror-adventure game about a bathroom housing an interdimensional portal in the toilet. I had been thinking of ideas for a short form VR game to create as an exercise to learn the medium, and the concept of a campy bathroom horror game stuck with me.

I liked the idea of a bathroom setting because bathrooms can easily be gross, strange, and lonely. We are vulnerable with our pants down, and body functions are gross. But, bathrooms and body functions can also be comedic, and I wanted to capture some of the goofy tropes of 80s and 90s horror films in order to take the edge off a bit. Plus, another goal of mine was to create an entirely roomscale VR experience, and a small bathroom seemed like a feasible scale.

Before Halloween 2019 I told my friend and collaborator Michael Vaughn Green that if he created a fake horror movie poster for a game called “Terror Piss” that I would make a game for it. He made this image and I took it from there.

I created the game primarily as a solo project in about a month leading up to the 2019 Logan Theatre Playtest Party. You can read my design process journal on the project’s GitHub wiki. I programmed the game using Unity and VRTK targeting the Oculus Quest, which I had just gotten access to at work. I modeled the simple bathroom level with ProBuilder and populated the level with props from the Asset Store and Sketchfab. Michael created some various flat art for me that helped sufficiently customize the mis-en-scene to match the gameplay I needed (custom textures, notes, signs, etc.).

Development was a bit of a pain as it was before much good documentation existed and before the Oculus Link feature, meaning I had to push a new build to the device to test in VR. Needless to say that slowed down iteration quite a bit and then, of course, Link came out the next month 🙂

A brief writeup of the game from the event we showed it at can be found here:

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